Monday, September 21, 2009

i fucking HATE the beatles!

seriously, i fucking hate the beatles. at their best they were a cheap donovan rip off (at least donovan hung out and autographed a photo of his uncut baby cock.) hidden behind a fleet of corporate marketers. (does every lyric really have to include "positive identifiers", really? EVERY lyric?) at their worst they were a mediocre cover band. not to deny that some of them (not paul) had some sort of creative / inquisitive streak, but they never really explored it, only mocked and strangled it like a cheap whore that "speaka no englese". (plastic ono band's "approximately infinite universe" is one of the best pop/rock albums ever.) (harrison and starr made some good use of their free time and money as well.)
they made a hand full of mediocre pop records, and trillions of dollars. good for them. can't we all move on? i went through a phase as a youngster where i played the shit out of "abbey road". not 'cause i liked it that much, but because i was so intrigued by the way it laid out a pattern for commercial rock/pop that wouldn't falter for almost 20 years. the only track i really liked was "her majesty". it closes the whole satirical experience with a stark admittance of conceit. brief, sparse arrangement. the lyric makes a cozy metaphore for the industry in which they work/live. it's kinda charming. still haven't heard it in years. don't need/want to. i know it all too well.
just had to get that out there. thanks.
fuck you all. john, paul, george, ringo, brian, and everyone else involved. you're the reason kids listen to shit like N'SYNC,GBV, POBPAH, at all that generic, condescending, sheltered crap. even after death you deep throat ronald mcdonald. i could be wrong (easily) but, i think you knew better. you ass fucked the corporate whore and shoved your shttty cock down everyones throat for generations. at least the germs told us that they were shitting in our mouths. you never really had that level of dignity. fuck you.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

9-9-9 El Rio

Killer 9-9-9 show at El Rio! The Bay Area 51 PLayers, Cupcake, and Piles. All 'round radness.