Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a happy neu year full of magical snacks (p.s. xo baltimore!)

Welcome to 2009.I'm having a great year so far, hope all of you are too. The friendly fellows of Leprechaun Catering are feeding my ears a delicious rotary platter of auditory pupu snacks with natural happy butt shake flavor. They describe it as "Techno you can't dance to, or free improvisation you can dance to."

...and speaking of awesome music from baltimore:

go Rye Rye!

Teeth Mountain bring the super trance pulsations with the fruity loops and four way skins.

and of course Nautical Almanac, much love! happy new year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

ub radio

My good friend Univac recently reminded me that Ub radio is available at Ub radio is a regular live broadcast from the Big City Orchestra crew and friends. There's hours and hours of brilliant auditory insanity courtesy of the collaborations of BCO, bLevin bLectum, j Lesser, univac, Fausto, wobbly, and many others. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

y'all really wanna know 'bout some gangsta shit?

The totally awesome blog Nothin' Sez Somethin' recently uploaded John Cale's "Guts" HERE.
This album is a compilation of tracks from Mr. Cales era of ultimate rock n' roll psycho bad ass shit. He actually came on stage with a hockey mask (pre jason) and a loaded gun that he waved at his backup band (including Brian Eno on synth, Phil Manzanera and Chris Spedding on guitar, and PHIL COLLINS! on drums!)! I guess he needed to remind Lou Reed what a pathetic little bitch he is.Anyway, "guts" compiles tracks from "slow dazzle" and "helen of troy" with some unreleased jams from that era. This shit changed my life as a teenager. I scored both of these albums at a church yardsale with my best friend. I still remember hanging out in shitty DC apartments with teenage junkies that thought Lou Reed was profound, putting on "slow dazzle" and realizeing how fucking stupid they were. Thank you John.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

streem o' conchishness mix aka ep. 3

streem o' conchishness mix aka ep. 3 :
bo peep from radioactive internet radio
mindimi trek by cat hope from v.a. - extreme music from women
rotating caravan by tone float from musik von
like we care! by disc from the brave2 ep
we are the jonzun crew by the jonzun crew from lost in space
lymform by enema syringe on v.a. - in the shadows of death
homosexual poker by norelpref from
attack clouds by john weise from teenage hallucination
bulak puyida by emir turghan from v.a. - music furthest from the sea : pop souds of the unstan vol. 1
theme from barricade by hajime tachibana from mr techie and miss kipple
really cool by norelpref from
kid606 vs twisted science (splinters by kid 606 vs twisted science from kid 606 and friends
dangerous by breakin' 2 electric boogaloo from untitled cassette
lao 08 by norelpref
rhythm exercises on scales by bob anthony from we'd like to teach you to sing

Thursday, December 4, 2008

chinese dog dick a go go

another mix for you. playin' it straight this time.

math- new york butcher (from rubber musique)
sunshine super scum- native son, rising star (from s/t 7")
skeleton warrior- da da da da duh da duh (from bearly legal)
hans grusel's krankenkabinet-master hands (scene 9) (from happy as pitch)
ubzub- chinese checkers (from alien manna for sleeping monkeys)
the univac index- shelling clownsville (from disco tastes like meat)
secret mommy- the culture (from hawaii 5.0)
mexican twat circus- beaten with the dogs boner (from hymen hijackers)
super manticore- track 7 (from s/t 3" cdr)
eddie the rat- someone left the door ajar for su (from s/t)
friends forever- ? (from almagator comp 2004)
weasel walter- we will rock you (from anti kareoke)

this set originally aired as 226hutz podcast ep. 10, but has long since been removed for space.


welcome to mind expulsion audio. we're gonna kick things off with big baby chinese jesus (aka ming d'nasty (the black catfish)) on the wheels of steel. warpin' wax, warpin' minds, and everything in between. dig this thrift store vinyl ultra no-fi mega remix featuring excerpts, mutations, and mutilations of:
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 dialogue (from vhs, not vinyl)
unknown-"fun with music" from "Walt Disneys fun with music" on walt disney records
mary robison- "a visit to my little friend" from "a visit to my little friend" unbreakable 78 on childrens record guild
jack banan & strings- "that old black magic" from "cocktail hour" on strand records
barbara brown- "second hand rose" from "dedicated to that wonderful funny girl... fanny brice" on coronet records
paul horn- "initiation" from "inside the great pyramid" on mushroom records
"hear how to touch type" on brother
the medical mission sisters- "he bought the whole field for joy" from "i know the secret" on avant garde records
marla ray & eddy mason- "hansel and gretel" from "grimm's fairy tales" on vocalion
andre musette orchestra- "hiccup polka" from "polka party on camden
the hollywood 'pops' orchestra- "roller coaster" from "motion in percussion" on sonic workshop
ashley tappen- "ida, sweet as apple cider" from "organ stardust" on somerset
martin denny- "cobra" from "forbidden island" on liberty records
unknown- "ferrocarril de los altos" from "musical souvenir from guatemala" on tikal
joe & joanna the coloring kids- "did you ever see a blue dog?" on peter pan records
clarence hutchenrider group- "dark town strutters ball" from "music from the gaslight era" on aamco records

this set originally aired as 226hutz podcast ep. 07, but has long since been removed for space.