Tuesday, April 28, 2009

African Scream Contest

still on a soulful psychedelic kinda trip, i just scored this LP today, and damn! smooth, spacey, soulful, funky, freaky, furious, well you get the point, it's a fuckin' killer. it's already downloadable all over and i like mediafire myself so here you go.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Old School Double Shot

Since I haven't been posting much I'll try to make up for it with these two amazing compilations of old school awesomeness. About 4-5 years ago both of these jams were getting some major play in my daily life, and you know, they're both still incredible. Miami Sound is a collection of raw, sweaty soul and funk grooves from the tip of America's wang. Kraut! Demons! Kraut! is actually pretty soulful too, showcasing German psychedelic rock of the hippy era, as opposed to the wilder explorations of "Krautrock". It also includes the incredible "I'm hiding my nightingale" by Inner Space (aka Can). All around heavy shit. Enjoy!

Miami Sound HERE.

Kraut! Demons! Kraut! HERE.